October 16, 2021


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Renni Rucci Denies Stealing Bars From Amy Luciani & Latto Had A Few Things To Say

Renni Rucci and a rapper named Amy Luciani are having a social media meltdown, and Latto has somehow gotten herself engaged in the turmoil.

Luciani allegedly called Renni Rucci out for allegedly stealing her bars, according to reports.

Not only were analogies drawn from the songs in question, but it was also clear that someone had plagiarized the lyrics because the two girls were spitting the same lines.

“They try to play with you like you’re a small fry when you’re the ‘little puppy’ female rapper, not realizing you’re about to become THE BIGGEST!” Luciani wrote.

“It’s going to be fantastic; I promise. Anyone who comes to the studio with me will tell you that I study hip hop’s finest lyricist. I’m a huge fan of lyrics and bars.”

“How do you block a person who has you blocked? Cause I can’t even search goofy name to block her cause I’m blocked,” Luciani previously stated.

“How you block me cause I spoke up about YOU stealing my rap verse? You literally took my entire verse and dropped a music video. I wanna join the petty party too!”

Renni Rucci, on the other hand, denied the claims, claiming that they “both happened to acquire the same reference,” but the public, as well as Latto, did not believe her.

Latto and Rucci had previously feuded over Latto’s claim to be “The Biggest,” with Rucci even releasing a diss track. On her Instagram Story, Latter wrote, “Shoulda stole some bars for that weak ass diss song she made.”

“Girl keep it cute and on mute like you did when the diss dropped you needed another b*tch to speak on me to say something [crying laughing emojis] i can’t stand a b*tch that need a crew to be tough.” Rucci said.

Latto wasn’t completed yet. “How ima respond when idk who wrote it?” quipped the Queen of Da Souf rapper. “U gone have me dissing Amy [balling tears emoji].”

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