October 15, 2021


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Ricky Gervais Reacts To Allegations By 11 Women Against His Longtime Collaborator Charlie Hanson

On Saturday, Ricky Gervais responded to sexual misconduct allegations made by 11 women against his longtime collaborator, Charlie Hanson.

The revelation has taken the experienced comedian by surprise.

“I am startled and outraged to learn of the historical claims leveled against Charlie Hanson by a number of women.

In a statement released on Saturday, Gervais stated, “The decision was made to immediately remove him from production, and I am confident the problem is being handled appropriately.”

In a letter to BAFTA and Netflix that was published in the UK publication The Times, the 11 women outlined Hanson’s wrongdoing.

The ladies said in the email that Charlie Hanson is a predator who utilizes his fame, contacts, and stature to lure considerably younger, naive, and often vulnerable women into trusting him.

“At times, he will promise them a star-studded career if they follow him, and then he will take advantage of their trust in strange and criminal ways. He then tries to downplay the gravity of what he’s done by persuading these young women — us — that it wasn’t as horrible as it appeared, that it was blameless in some way. He tries to persuade himself — and others — that this way of working is good. But we all know it’s not right.”

Hanson’s membership in BAFTA has since been suspended. He’s also been fired from the Netflix series After Life.

“Our client is startled and outraged by these longstanding and inaccurate allegations of improper conduct toward women,” Hanson’s legal team said in a statement.

He claims that in his decades in the media industry, he has never acted inappropriately on any production or at all, and that he has never had any complaints about behaviour.”

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