January 26, 2022


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Rolling Ray Reveals He Ate Coi Relay Money After Her Team Paid Him To Run A Promo

For months, Rolling Ray and Coi Leray have been engaged in a one-sided spat.

The social media sensation said that Leray had stolen his characteristic “purr” sound, which she had replicated in her recordings.

Ray didn’t like Leray’s “Big Purr” and responded with his own “Purr” music, and after going after the emerging singer on social media, he continues to insult her with another lie about allegedly taking her money.

“So, basically, someone from the Coi Leray team contacted me. ‘Hey, Rolling Ray, we’d want to pay you to promote the event that Coi Leray will be hosting,’ it was like, almost two weeks ago.”

He stated Leray will be appearing in Washington, D.C., so they inquired about his fee, to which he replied, “Two-fifty, something like that.”

Ray claims the individual with whom he spoke requested that he shoot a video “just saying like, you gon’ be there.” He consented, but stated that he had no intention of making a video.

“I pocketed two-fifty from her little ass.” The story’s veracity is unknown, although Coi Leray has previously declared that she has no desire to be in a conflict with anyone.

“They attempted to promote this girl’s event by using me. Stop wasting your time with games, “Rolling Ray went on to say that before performing in D.C., Leray needed to check in with him. “Her event is going to be really slow. There’s a distinction to be made between TikTok music, real music, and real performances. You’re not the one.”

The rapper was recently seen on the red carpet of the BET Awards with her lover Pressa, and she’s been enjoying her career’s success.

Rolling Ray’s video is included below.

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