October 24, 2021


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Scam Couple Nicknamed ‘Millennial Bonnie & Clyde Have Been Arrested In Connection With Murder

Following a months-long international manhunt, a scam artist pair nicknamed the “Millennial Bonnie and Clyde” by local media were caught in connection with a murder in Canada.

Yun “Lucy” Lu Li, the beautiful daughter of a Canadian businessman, and her 28-year-old lover, Oliver Karafa, were wanted in connection with the shooting death of Tyler Pratt on February 28.

According to CBC News, a woman who was with him at the time was seriously hurt and was still recovering on Wednesday.

The jet-setting pair departed Li’s homeland Canada and boarded a trip to Eastern Europe the day after the double-shooting.

Before landing in Budapest, the pair stopped in numerous countries, including Slovakia and the Czech Republic, according to Hamilton Det. Jim Callender.

According to the Toronto Sun, a gang of bounty hunters encircled the pair in Budapest’s 6th District, commonly known as Terezvaros, a renowned nightlife, dining, and entertainment district.

On June 12, the two were apprehended, and Canadian police were notified shortly after.

“We’ve been working since the shooting, not just locally with our colleagues with the RCMP, but internationally through Interpol and our police agencies in Eastern Europe, particularly the Hungarian Active Search Team,” Callender told reporters during a news conference on Monday.

“They performed a fantastic job with the information supplied, and once we understood where they were in Hungary, it was a swift conclusion.”

The cause of the shooting has not been revealed, but Callendar stated that detectives are “very comfortable with the reason for the shooting and the murder.”

Both Li and Karafa face extradition to Canada after being charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder.

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