October 24, 2021


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Selfie Taking Teens Capture Moment Lightening Strikes Them

Three English siblings were struck by lightning on Monday, and one of them took a mind-blowing selfie snap of the terrifying sight.

After being zapped while standing under a tree during a storm over East Molesey, the Jobsons — Rachel, Isobel, and Andrew — escaped with only burns and a brief hospital visit, they told the BBC.

When they initially took a selfie of themselves happy, they had stopped for a restroom break while riding to see their aunt.

Isobel, 23, told the news site, “We then wanted a sorrowful picture in the rain.”

“All of a sudden, I was on the ground, and all I could hear was this high-pitched buzzing,” she explained.

Rachel stated she got burns on her thigh and stomach, and she lost feeling in her arm for a while.

“I was on the ground,” says the narrator. I was feeling disjointed. Rachel remarked, “My sister and I were screaming.”

According to the story, the siblings were rushed to St George’s Hospital in Tooting, where they were treated and released hours later.

After a cycling accident last year, Isobel had a titanium plate surgically placed in her arm, and the family was advised that the metal may have attracted the electricity.

“Because of the plate, my sister’s arm was quite heated.”

“Everyone was blown away by what had occurred to us,” Rachel told the publication.

Source: Isobel Jobson

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