October 24, 2021


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Seth Rogen Reveals Paul Rudd Once Quietly Replaced His Masseuse At A Spa

With Seth Rogen, there’s never a boring moment. Following the publication of his memoir Yearbook, the actor has been quite busy.

Rogen’s media tour in support of the book has been full of amusing unseen anecdotes, such as the time he peed in a bottle at Tom Cruise’s house before meeting him.

The comedian shared a humorous tale about his close buddy Paul Rudd on Twitter earlier today. While the two have spent a lot of time together on television, their friendship has grown stronger in real life.

They were apparently so close that Paul Rudd gave Seth Rogen a massage without his knowing.

“I once received a massage in a spa at a Vegas hotel. When I rolled over after finishing, I was surprised to see Paul Rudd rubbing me. He watched me go in and persuaded the masseuse to let him take over, assuming I wouldn’t notice. I didn’t, and Paul took care of the rest” Rogen made the announcement on Twitter.

One Twitter user immediately questioned Rogen if the tale was genuine or if it was a delusion brought on by a bit too much Houseplant.

Rogen, on the other hand, claimed that Rudd would back him up. He wrote, “I’m sure Paul would corroborate that.”

Seth Rogen’s tweet has yet to receive a response from Paul Rudd, but we’ll keep you updated if he does.

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