January 18, 2022


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Shamar Jackson Mauled To Death By Dogs In South Carolina

Officials say a 7-year-old South Carolina kid died after being attacked by dogs while out walking with his sibling in his neighbourhood on Sunday.

According to allegations from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, the youngster, Shamar Jackson, was assaulted while strolling on Wilbur Road, roughly 45 miles north-west of Myrtle Beach.

Their father told The State, a local newspaper, that the siblings were hunting for their chihuahua when they came upon a gang of dogs.

The younger brother was able to flee. The sheriff’s office hailed Shamar as a “straight-shooter.” At Lake View Elementary, a first-grader was unable to flee.

According to the news site, Carnell Jackson stated, “There were so many dogs coming from all angles.”

According to the sheriff’s office, five dogs and one puppy were seized from a nearby property after a search warrant was executed on Monday. In relation to the event, no criminal charges have been brought.

Officials say a 3-year-old New Jersey kid died after slipping out of a rear window, landing in his backyard, and being attacked by his family’s dogs, according to authorities.

The investigation is still on.

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