January 29, 2022


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Snoop Dogg Reveals DMX Recorded His New Album At His Studios

Snoop Dogg stopped by Hot 97 to chat with Ebro, Laura Styles, and Rosenberg on the day he released his brand new album From Tha Streets To Tha Suites.

Although several subjects were discussed, one of the most fascinating moments occurred when Snoop was asked about the late DMX.

Laura Stylez asks Snoop about their experience doing Verzuz together in the wake of DMX’s death. “Our most unforgettable moment was after the Verzuz,” Snoop says.

“DMX is a huge fan of classic cars, and I have about twenty of them. So one night, I’m in the back seat with my buddy in the passenger seat, and we’re just chopping it up while listening to old school songs. And if you know something about DMX, you know that n***a doesn’t rap.”

Snoop laughs, “We’re playing all this old school music, and it’s turning him on. He’s singing the whole song. He’s more invested than I am. We’re beginning to realize we’re the same dogs. We may have been born at different times, but we like and do the same things. He recorded his entire album in my studio. He never left after we finished Verzuz. He remained in L.A., rented out my studio, and recorded his entire album there.”

Snoop adds, “I cooked for him, I laid it out for him, I made it my casa su casa. It was the happiest moment of my life. That he felt at ease enough to record his album at my studio. He didn’t leave Los Angeles until it was completed.”

When asked how he copes with his defeats, Snoop Dogg provides a reassuring philosophical viewpoint. “I’m beginning to see life as God letting us run around in the jungle and then taking his angels back home,” Snoop says.

“You can’t be angry when he tries to give you your wings. You must determine whether or not to commemorate your time spent here. That’s the way I’m looking at things right now. I used to be very emotional, weeping and sad all of the time. Then it occurred to me: what did this individual do on this planet when they were alive? Is it true that they made me sad or happy? That’s the spirit I’m riding with if they made me happy.”

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