October 24, 2021


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Soulja Boy Went Off At Dj Vlad Over His Methods Of Interviewing & Questioned His Sources For Information

Soulja Boy has sparked debate online after he called out Vlad TV over his line of questions and sources.

We just reported on Soulja Boy calling out an unnamed rival while speaking on Clubhouse yesterday.

The rapper didn’t like it when this person mentioned him in interviews, and he refused to name the person because he didn’t want to assist that person become famous.

Soulja had more to get off his chest than getting even with the anonymous opp, so he took to Instagram Live to give a few thoughts about DJ Vlad.

Soulja Boy just got down with VladTV for an exclusive interview, but now he’s decided to express his complaints.

“You’re a b*tch, DJ Vlad,” Soulja started.

“Why on earth are you going to go interview the n*ggas I shot? You’re going to interview the n*ggas who were running around in my crib. You p*ssy ass n*gga, I let you into my house, sat down with you, and gave you an interview, DJ Vlad. With open arms, I welcomed you to my crib. You allowed me to take a spin in your Tesla. In your Tesla, you chauffeured me around. It was just me and you, DJ Vlad, in the passenger seat. I was under the impression that we were dating.”

As they went about in the self-driving vehicle, he said he felt like Vlad treated him like a “homie.”

“We really clicked, and I gave you the interview, and you asked me that p*ssy ass sh*t,” Soulja continued.

Soulja recalled Vlad inquiring about the break-in, and the rapper wondered how Vlad came to know about it in the first place.

“I gave you a genuine response. I’ve already given you the story.” Soulja remarked.

“‘The Soulja Boy challenge,’ you remarked, turning that nonsense into a meme and a joke. You see how many rappers are dying out here?! … N*gga, that ain’t no f*ckin’ joke. If I hadn’t shot those n*ggas, I might have died.”


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