September 26, 2021


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Stars Enraged By Elon Musk Upcoming ‘SNL’ Hosting Gig

Knock on the door. Is anybody there? Elon Musk is a billionaire. And the “Saturday Night Live” cast, which is known for its witty banter, isn’t kidding.

When NBC revealed that Musk, 49, would host the sketch comedy show alongside musical guest Miley Cyrus on May 8, giggles turned to groans for some members of the “SNL” cast.

After Donald Trump spearheaded the satirical sketches in 2015, the divisive Tesla CEO would be the first non-actor or non-athlete to host “Saturday Night Live.”

Musk teased his upcoming emcee gig, writing on Twitter, “Let’s find out just how live ‘Saturday Night Live’ really is.”

The polarizing tech tycoon, who is estimated to be worth $179 billion, punctuated his enigmatic post with the grinning devil emoji to show his 52 million Twitter followers that he means business.

Bowen Yang of “Saturday Night Live” joked that Musk’s social-media memo was just a bad joke.

Yang, 30, asked in an Instagram Story post attached to a screenshot of the SpaceX pioneer’s tweet, “What the f – – k does this really mean?”

Aidy Bryant, a fellow “SNL” comedian, reiterated Yang’s fears about Musk, who is hailed as the world’s third-richest male, according to Forbes’ real-time billionaire billboard, and his upcoming term as master of ceremonies.

Bryant, 33, retweeted a tweet from Bernie Sanders that read, “The 50 richest people in America today own more money than the bottom half of our people,” as a thinly veiled dig at Musk.

“Let me say it again because it’s almost too unbelievable to believe: the richest 50 people in the United States own more than 165 MILLION Americans. The cyber remark added, “That is a moral obscenity.”

Andrew Dismukes, a former writer for “Saturday Night Live,” joined in the jibing, writing on Instagram, “Only CEO I want to do a sketch with is Cher-E Oteri” — a nod to the former “SNL” veteran.

The social media accounts of Yang, Bryant, and Dismukes have since been removed.

The comedians’ spokespeople did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Washington Post.

“Saturday Night Live” representatives were also unavailable for comment.

However, viewers of “SNL” online were quick to take to Twitter to voice their grievances about Musk’s imminent arrival.

The smears directed at Musk by “SNL” stars and regulars alike are most likely due to the COVID-19 disinformation he spread at the start of the pandemic.

In March 2020, the engineering magnate digitally downplayed the deadly virus, calling hysteria sparked by the outbreak “dumb.”

He also forecasts incorrectly that there will be “nearly zero new cases” by the end of April.

He also requested an end to pandemic closures in the same month.

Musk was also chastised for an ominous tweet in which he threatened to cancel Tesla employees’ stock options if they voted to unionize.

However, he was ordered to take down the tweet by the National Labor Relations Board.

Most recently, he casually said that during his upcoming Mars flight, “a bunch of people will probably die.”

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