October 24, 2021


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Summer Walker Rejects Gossip Blog’s Rumor That She Neglects Her Baby

Summer Walker has suffered backlash since giving birth to her baby.

Summer has resorted to social media to defend her parenting practises, which range from dietary choices to her decision not to share her baby’s face online, and she has once again addressed her critics.

A Twitter user said that “Gossipofthecity tweeted a rumour” that Walker didn’t really want her baby and that she is “never” with her child in a message to the singer.

Walker allegedly left her infant with her best friend’s mother “for 10 days straight,” according to the gossip blog.

The artist is known for ignoring statements like this, but she recently resurfaced on Instagram to put the rumours to bed.

She stated, “I am the sole caretaker of my child,” before mentioning her ex, London On Da Track.

“That dude pulls sup with his mama and gifts for a day or two on the weekend and photographs his pictures, but I do all the effort while I’m not at work.”

“So suck a d*ck once again.”

Summer continued her Instagram Story with a message to viewers, encouraging them to live their life for themselves since “there will always be” someone who is “dissatisfied with your actions.”

Walker advised folks to “do themselves”, because detractors can’t be avoided.

She went on to explain herself in a video, saying she was happy and pleased but also letting others know they didn’t deserve her time.


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