January 18, 2022


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Summer Walker With A Little Story About Her Night Out Yesterday

Summer Walker has already sworn off contact with the general public after receiving threats from trolls, and now she’s called out a woman she met while out and about.

Summer recently tweeted a photo of her infant with the baby’s face hidden, prompting claims that her infant was underweight.

People threatened to contact Child Protective Services, so Summer took to Instagram to announce that she would no longer be taking photos or having informal discussions with followers.

Summer returned on Friday with a story about a recent encounter she had with a stranger. “So… why did we get in line outside this lounge? It was supposed to be a two-hour wait. These girls are chatting about a girl that looks like Summer Walker” wrote the singer. “And dis big b*tch gone say she pretty but she doesn’t use deodorant, twice, lol,” says the narrator.

She said, “I’m like it’s just me b*tch and the deodorant in my Dior purse.” “Oh my bad, you’re so pretty, she said, and I told her that’s just what I heard on the internet. I’m like, yes, people say a lot of stupid stuff on the internet. Then security approached us, asking whether we were bothering them. They are, as a matter of fact, lol, and then they take us to the lounge and we skip the line.”

Summer went on to say that the girl “looked foolish” and that it’s “interesting” how strangers will believe anything without ever seeing them.

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