October 16, 2021


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Taina Williams Has Explained Why She Gave G Herbo The Block On IG

After rapper G Herbo was sighted at his ex-party girlfriend’s this weekend, onlookers noted that his current girlfriend Taina Willians had unfollowed him on social media, indicating that their relationship may be in trouble.

When someone gets the block, it usually indicates that something is awry.

However, in the case of Taina and Herbo, this looks to be merely a temporary measure to give them some space from one another, as Taina has stated that there is no genuine relationship between the two lovebirds.

After this weekend’s drama, Taina and G Herbo, who just welcomed their newborn boy Essex into the world a few weeks ago, look to be doing well — or at least that’s what Taina wants us to believe.

Taina went into the comments section when it was widely reported that she had unfollowed her rapper lover, stating that she had banned G Herbo but that it was not a permanent thing.

She commented on Instagram, “😂😂😂… That’s still my man he just blocked.” “Nothing to see here 😍,” she continued.

Many people assumed Taina unfollowed G Herbo after he showed up to Ari Fletcher’s party this weekend, and while that may have been the case, it doesn’t appear to be a significant issue for them.

Ari and Herbo have a son from a previous relationship.


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