September 26, 2021


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Tawny Kitaen’s Brother Says He Encouraged Her To Embrace Faith Soon Before She Died

Jordan Kitaen, Tawny Kitaen’s younger brother, claimed that he and the actress had a heartfelt chat about her faith soon before she died earlier this month.

Jordan recently told Fox News that Tawny was still grieving over the death of their father, which happened just one month before she died.

As a way of coping with their father’s death, he urged the 80s star to improve her relationship with God.

“To me, my faith is important to who I am,” Jordan said, referring to his sister by her birth name, Julie.

“That, I’ve always believed, is what has always gotten me through the tough times. I’ve always thought that having a stronger spiritual connection would be extremely beneficial in Julie’s life.”

His extroverted sister, he feels, struggled with being alone for lengthy periods of time.

“By herself, she wasn’t very good. She thrived in crowds and among people. As a result, I believe she never got to know herself as intimately as she did as a public figure,” Jordan continued.

Kitaen has many run-ins with the authorities, including a cocaine possession arrest in 2006 and a DUI arrest in 2009.

Jordan admitted that his older sister sought treatment, but that she still needed encouragement to connect with her “higher power,” as Alcoholics Anonymous refers to it.

Jordan stated, “I told Julie she couldn’t do it on her own; none of us could.”

“She had previously been in recovery, so she was familiar with the concept of a higher power. ‘The greater power thing is fantastic, but give it some substance,’ I told her. You have the option of having an intimate relationship with Him or rejecting Him and accepting the world with all of its disappointments.’”

Overall, he thinks Tawny got the point.

“I believe she was maturing in that area. “I believe she simply ran out of time,” Jordan explained. “Or perhaps not. You never know what kind of change takes place in a person’s heart.”

Kitaen died on May 7 at her home in Newport Beach, California. The Orange County Coroner’s Office has yet to declare her cause of death.

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