January 24, 2022


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Texas Husband Accused Of Killing Wife After She Signed $250,000 Life Insurance Policy

According to authorities, a Texas man is suspected of murdering his wife only two days after she signed a $250,000 life insurance policy, according to the state’s attorney general.

Christopher Collins, 41, is accused of killing his wife, Yuanhua Liang, 46, and going “to considerable efforts” to make it appear as though she had been shot and murdered by an intruder in their house, according to prosecutors.

The Houston Chronicle said that Collins phoned police authorities on Nov. 18 to report that his wife had texted him about a stranger entering their house in north-west Harris County.

He then drove to his residence to meet with detectives, who had discovered Liang dead in his living room after a shootout.

The residence, on the other hand, had not been looted, leading detectives to believe that Collins’ claim did not add up.

Using surveillance video from the gym, investigators discovered that Collins had been pacing about for 45 minutes and only worked out for five minutes before going to the facility’s café and calling the police.

Police conducted a check of a gym locker and discovered Liang’s wallet and cosmetic bag, which had been reported missing by Collins the day before.

The former military member claims that Liang, who is of Chinese nationality, was “paranoid,” which explains why he delayed 45 minutes to get home after his wife informed him that there was a stranger in the house.

Additionally, investigators discovered surveillance cameras installed in the residence, which Collins claimed he used to keep an eye on his wife when he was away from home on business.

He said that he hadn’t thought to look at the film until later that day.

Liang was shot with a small-caliber pistol while wearing a sleep mask, according to authorities, and she was discovered with a bag over her head.

According to ABC 13, prosecutors stated that hiding a victim’s face is normal when a suspect does not want to see the death of someone they are familiar with.

In court on Thursday, prosecutors stated that the bag was placed over her head after she was shot.

It was also discovered during a search of the property that Liang had only two days earlier signed a $250,000 life insurance policy worth $250,000.

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