January 29, 2022


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Texas School District Has Punished White Students Who Staged Mock ‘Slave Auction’ On Snapchat

A Texas school district has announced that a group of high school students would face disciplinary action for allegedly staging a mock “slave auction” on Snapchat.

The racial stunt was carried out by students from the Daniel Ninth Grade Campus, according to the Aledo Independent School District.

CNN collected screenshots from the Snapchat community “N***** Auction,” in which students pretended to bid on their Black classmates.

One student offered $100 for one of his classmates, while another wrote, “$1 on Chris.” It would be safer if he didn’t have such bad hair.”

According to reports, AISD officials reviewed the chat and discovered “racial harassment and cyberbullying.”

They also reported that the students involved in the racist incident have been identified and are being punished, but they did not elaborate on the district’s response.

The district issued a statement saying,

“I know I speak for our entire Aledo community when I say that I am profoundly sorry that a few of our students participated in racial abuse of two of our students of color in a social media conversation. I’m just sorry for the pain it has caused the victims and their families. It was inexcusable to both of us, and it should never have happened.”

According to CNN, the school district has over 6,000 students, with about 80 percent of them being white.

Chris Johnson, one of the students named in the auction talk, talked about the incident at a school board meeting this week. He claims he has not received an apology from the school board or the district.

Johnson said, “The only apology I accept is a change of conduct.” “I am confident that the communities are ready for change, and we will do our part to help them. Now I’m asking the board of trustees and the superintendent, “When will you make the necessary improvements to ensure that we are all handled equally and in a healthy environment?”

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