September 25, 2021


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This Is Why Ricco Kimbrough Is Apologizing To Elon Musk

Last week, a video of a damaged Tesla steering wheel yoke, which he said belonged to a car he had recently bought, went viral.

Ricco Kimbrough has now apologized publicly to Elon Musk, acknowledging that the video was a hoax.

Kimbrough’s initial TikTok video of the automobile, which showed the damaged airbag unit and yoke in a Model S Long Range, had over two million views.

These automobiles are priced at about $83,000.

He can be heard stating in the video: “Okay, Tesla, this is inexcusable; I just got my new Tesla, and my airbag is actually hanging out like this. It has nothing to do with my steering wheel. What’s up, Tesla, we’ve just had this car for a few days.”

Kimbrough’s other video, in which he peels off the car’s plastic covering, has over one million views.

Over the course of the day, he recorded over 35 TikToks documenting his travel to the Tesla store to pick up his Tesla. He even brought his beloved birds into the car, according to others.

In a follow-up video, he went into the store to protest, urging people not to buy a Tesla vehicle as he walked in.

Viewers questioned the video’s validity when it was picked up by many media sites and publicized.

Many people noticed that the car was still in Transport Mode, which allows drivers to freely move the wheels of the vehicle, which is a mode that is unlikely to be used when it is delivered to a client.

Kimbrough, on the other hand, has now acknowledged to his followers that he lied about the video, and has even apologized to Elon Musk personally.

The automobile was at a Tesla Store, but it was not ready for a buyer or potential buyer to sit in since it had been dismantled. Because the car was unlocked, Kimbrough claims he was unaware of the situation.

“This video is dedicated to Elon Musk. I really like your goods, sir. Your stuff is fantastic. I was completely unaware, and I apologize profusely. I had no clue I shouldn’t have entered the vehicle because it wasn’t locked at all. I only want to express my regret” he stated.

“After this video became viral, I received a call from the police department informing me that the [auto dealership] does not want me on their premises. So, here’s a message for Elon Musk… I’m sorry, but I’m going to get a Tesla. I’ve placed an order for one.”

It’s still unknown why the automobile was broken in the first place, but it’s safe to assume it would not have been sold to a new owner in that state.

A separate Elon Musk scam swept over TikTok earlier this month, as a young guy was tricked into thinking he was being handed a Tesla by a genuine Musk account.

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