October 16, 2021


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Times Square Shooter Was Allegedly Aiming For His Brother When He Shot 3 Bystanders

The suspected Times Square gunman was aiming for his brother when he shot three innocent bystanders — and the sibling later dropped the dime on him, law-enforcement sources told CN on Sunday.

Farrakhan Muhammad, a 31-year-old CD peddler, was identified as the alleged shooter in Saturday’s horror — after a bizarre chain of events led cops to his brother, sources said.

The suspected gunman had been caught on surveillance video at the scene of Saturday’s bloodshed, which occurred just before 5 p.m. in Times Square, and the images were widely disseminated.

Two sergeants with the Manhattan South Detective Bureau were then working a fatal overnight stabbing at a West 31st Street single-room-occupancy hotel when they spotted a man who looked almost identical to the alleged shooter, even down to his clothes, hanging around, sources said.

Cops approached the man to question him, telling him he looked just like the Times Square suspect, sources said.

“I’m his brother,” replied the man, who was not involved in the stabbing but said he lived at the SRO, according to sources.

The man then told officers that his brother had been aiming for him during the Times Square shooting, sources said.

“Textbook detective work,” a source told CN.

Cops are still looking for Muhammad.

“We have our heavy hunters looking for him,” a source said.

The suspect has been busted before, including last year for allegedly assaulting a random passerby who tried to intervene when Muhammad started hassling a couple on the street, sources said.

Muhammad allegedly pushed the good Samaritan into a trash can before the suspect’s buddy punched the victim in the face, sources said.

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  • Times Square Shooting Suspect: James Keivom
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