October 24, 2021


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Tiny Slams Her Husband TI For Posting Pictures Of Her Without Her Approval

Tiny slammed T.I. on Instagram on Thursday after the rapper shared unpleasant vacation photos of the pair.

The pair is seen riding horseback on a beach in the photos, having recently purchased a lovely property near Atlanta for a significant sum.

“All I need in this life of sin…” T.I. wrote the caption for the images.

In response, Tiny came in on the comments section and told off TI noting; “U gotta check with me on these pix u choose from now on sir.”

T.I. and Tiny started dating in 2001 and married in 2010. They have two sons and a daughter together.

T.I.’s forthcoming album, Kill the King, is anticipated to be his last, indicating that he is ready to settle down for the long haul. He acknowledged in 2017 that he was reaching the end of his career.

On The Breakfast Club, he declared, “I’m ready to get the hell outta [the rap game].”

“I got this next album, I got three albums in my head I’ve already conceptualized. Once I get them out, I’m done.”

Earlier this week, T.I. released a new tune from the forthcoming album.

In “What It’s Come To, the famed rapper responds to sexual assault, rape, drugging, and other charges leveled against him and his wife by over thirty women.

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