January 26, 2022


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Tory Lanez Says There Is Plans To Make Sure Black Kings Go Extinct

Tory Lanez claims that “Black kings” are being attacked and warns his fans not to engage in the attack after a controversial appearance at Rolling Loud in Miami earlier this week.

“Don’t let all of our black kings get extinct before you release it was you who helped,” he wrote on Twitter, early Saturday.

“There is def an attack on the BLACK MAN’S LEGACY . Don’t be apart of it.”

Lanez’s post came just days after DaBaby invited him on stage during his Rolling Loud event.

The performance was contentious for a number of reasons, including DaBaby’s homophobic diatribe, which he later made worse after the fact, as well as Megan The Stallion’s performance just before DaBaby’s.

Megan has been feuding with DaBaby since he worked with Lanez on the tune “SKAT” last summer, accusing him of shooting her.

“When did rap become so politically correct that you couldn’t speak your thoughts or have an opinion? Why the fuck was rap invented?”

“… for us to express ourselves…. rappers aren’t always correct, and you don’t have to agree with them. They do, however, have the right to express themselves” Lanez responded to the outcry around DaBaby’s Rolling Loud performance with a tweet earlier this week.

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