December 2, 2021


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Travis Scott And Drake Sued Over Deadly Crowd Surge At Astroworld

At least eight people were killed at the Houston music festival where Travis Scott and Drake performed, and now a man who attended the event has filed a civil lawsuit against the rappers.

An additional $1 million in damages is sought from Live Nation and the festival’s organizers, who are alleged to have failed to provide adequate security and medical care during the Astroworld festival, according to the lawsuit.

According to Houston Fire Chief Samuel Pea, the surge occurred during Scott’s performance on Friday night when the crowd began to “compress” toward the stage.

That sparked a lot of fear, which led to some injuries, according to Pea. Several people, including two teenagers, were killed and a large number of others were taken to the hospital.

Allegations of “mayhem and chaos” at previous events were made in the suit, and the other defendants were alleged to have done nothing to stop it. It didn’t give any examples of this type of behaviour in action.

Aside from Drake’s surprise appearance, the report claims that he contributed to the chaos on stage by “continuing to perform on stage while the crowd mayhem continued,” despite the fact that he was aware of Scott’s previous behaviour.

Scott refused to comment on the lawsuit, which he had previously refused to do.

“I am absolutely devastated by what took place,” he said in a statement on Saturday. Neither Drake nor Live Nation immediately responded to a request for comment from MM News.

The lawsuit stated that plaintiff Kristian Paredes was standing near a metal barrier that separated the VIP section from the rest of the crowd at the time of the incident. As soon as Scott started performing, Paredes “felt an immediate push,” according to the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, “Many begged security guards employed by Live Nation Entertainment for assistance, but were ignored.”

Plaintiff Paredes suffered severe bodily injuries as a result of the incident, according to the lawsuit. These injuries “had a significant impact on the Plaintiff’s health and well-being.”

According to the lawsuit, “some of the effects are permanent and will remain with the Plaintiff for a long time into the future, if not for his entire life”. It didn’t go into detail about the type of injuries that had occurred.

Concertgoers other than Paredes appear to be pursuing legal action in the wake of the incident.

Noah Gutierrez, 21, has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Benjamin Crump, a civil rights attorney, and he expects to file more for other alleged victims in the coming week.

Many people have told us about the terror and helplessness they felt as they witnessed people die in the crush and tried in vain to save them, said Crump in a statement.

If you or a loved one was harmed in this tragic and preventable event, we will be pursuing justice for you.

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