October 15, 2021


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TV Veteran Bert Newton Leg Amputated In A Matter Of Life And Death Decision

Bert Newton, the TV legend, had to have his leg amputated due to a life-threatening infection. On Saturday, the 82-year-old underwent surgery in Melbourne.

Newton has been in the hospital for the past six weeks due to a toe infection that did not recover over the holidays.

After receiving a call from Newton’s wife Patti on Sunday night, radio entertainment reporter Peter Ford broke the news on Monday morning.

“Bert was given an ultimatum: you only have a few months to live, but if you have this surgery and we amputate your leg, you will live for several years,” he told 3AW.

“So that was the decision, and Bert obviously chose to stay because he adores Patti, obviously adores the girls, and he adores the grandchildren.”

Bert Newton’s leg has been amputated below the knee, he said, and he is in “reasonably good spirits.”

The worsening infection had been examined by a number of specialist doctors and vascular surgeons, despite the fact that it had not seemed to be too severe when it started around Christmas.

Patti Newton is recovering from a fractured ankle after a fall, adding to the famous showbiz couple’s health woes.

Her management has confirmed that she will not make any further statements at this time.

On her Instagram page, however, a number of celebrities have expressed their reactions to the news of the operation.

“Regards, Patti Bert’s situation has recently come to light… I’m so sad to hear that both of your lives have undergone such drastic and exhausting changes. I’m sending you both a lot of love and strength “Jane Kennedy, a radio host, penned a piece.

“With everything going on in your life, I’m sending you and Bert a lot of love. You two are such an amazing couple, and we wish you nothing but the best in the future “Angela Bishop, a television host, wrote about it.

Patti Newton shared a picture of her husband wearing a mask in a hospital bed last November.

“Bert has been in the hospital, and everything is well,” she said.

“He’s got a lot of living to do,” says the narrator.

Newton has also struggled with health problems, including a hospitalisation for pneumonia in 2017.

In 2012, he also had quadruple bypass surgery.

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