January 29, 2022


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Two R. Kelly Lawyers Have Quit Ahead Of Trial; Report

R. Kelly’s legal team has lost two members when lawyers Steve Greenberg and Michael Leonard announced their withdrawal from the lawsuit after Kelly hired two new lawyers to assist him.

Greenberg and Leonard claim that working with attorneys Thomas Farinella and Nicole Becker is “impossible.”

In a letter to the judge, Greenberg stated, “Our grounds for withdrawal are serious, and it is difficult, in our opinion, for us to continue to adequately represent Mr. Kelly under the current circumstances.”

Kelly replied, “Absolutely, yes ma’am, your honour,” when asked by the judge if he wished to dismiss the two lawyers from the case.

Greenberg explained his and Leonard’s decision to withdraw in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, saying, “Ultimately, as trial lawyers and in the interests of the client, we weren’t comfortable professionally allowing lawyers who had never tried federal criminal cases to have significant trial responsibilities. RThat approach did not go down well with everyone.”

Kelly was denied bail earlier this month after arguing that he needed more time with his legal team before his future trial.

Kelly’s trial date in Brooklyn has been set for August 18th.

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