October 24, 2021


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UFC: Conor McGregor Goes Off At Dustin Poirier Over According To Him ‘His Illegitimate Win’

Conor McGregor was defeated by Dustin Poirier on Saturday night, and you probably already know why.

When McGregor stepped back to ground himself after being punched by Poirier, his ankle buckled under his own weight and shattered in half.

Before the round concluded and the fight was called due to a doctor’s stoppage, McGregor dropped to the ground and survived a barrage from Poirier.

It was a terrible way to conclude the evening, and McGregor will now have to heal for a long time.

McGregor had surgery on his leg yesterday, and a rod was implanted in his tibia and fibula.

McGregor said in a video shared on Twitter that the surgery went extremely well and that he will be on crutches for roughly six weeks.

He’ll be able to walk normally again after that, all while undergoing rehabilitation.

McGregor went on to claim that his loss to Poirier should not be counted, and that Dustin should be ashamed of his victory since it was “illegitimate.”

Perhaps McGregor is a bitter loser, but he has always been known to dominate the discourse, even when he is losing.

“It wasn’t meant to be. You can celebrate that illegitimate victory all you want, Dustin, but you’ve done nothing in there. That second round would have revealed everything” McGregor asserted.

Moving ahead, McGregor’s chances are uncertain, but Dana White has shown interest in a rematch with Poirier, which would be a fascinating fight to watch.

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