October 24, 2021


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Usher Takes It Back To The 90s With His New Haircut Gives Barbers A Quick Message

Usher’s Las Vegas residency begins this weekend, and the singer is getting his fade cleaned up in preparation for the concert.

Usher has been working nonstop to prepare for his forthcoming month-long tour while simultaneously juggling his responsibilities as a father of three, since his fiancée Jenn Goicoechea is expecting their fourth child.

Usher took to social media on Tuesday to not only show off his new multi-level high-top fade appearance, but also to send a message to barbers who refuse to comply with his requests.

“I’m working backstage. It’s been four days now, and the clock is ticking” Usher stated.

“This is a message to all barbers: when I tell you how to cut my hair, listen to me because I know what I want and what you need to do.”

Apart from donning a classic cut, Usher has been teasing fans about what to expect at his next gigs.

Previously, the music legend discussed his Vegas residency and how his team was putting up an event unlike any other.

“I have a fantastic crew behind the scenes and on stage who work tirelessly to put the show together, promote it, and come up with new ways to advertise the merchandise” he stated

“The event has been meticulously planned and executed. We’re going to make it an environment to enjoy, experience, and celebrate from the moment you step into the Coliseum until the moment you leave.”

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