September 25, 2021


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Vanessa Bryant Proud Of Kobe’s Youngest Daughter Capri For Potty Learning Before Age 2

Vanessa, 39, announced on her Instagram Story on Tuesday that her youngest daughter, Capri Kobe, had accomplished a major developmental milestone – toilet training – before turning two.

On a pic of a small pink toilet, the mother of four commented, “Proud of you Koko.” She went on to say that the kids were “4 for 4” in terms of “toilet training before the age of two.”

Capri and her 4-year-old sister, Bianka Bella, have gone on several excursions with their mother recently, including a trip to SeaWorld San Diego in late May.

In a snapshot uploaded to Instagram by Vanessa, Bianka was all smiles when she welcomed a dolphin on the other side of the glass. Vanessa captioned the photo, “Pure Joy, My Sunshine.”

A visit with a beluga whale, feeding time with turtles, and a special petting session with a Magellanic penguin were among the highlights of the day.

Vanessa was also courageous enough to ride a roller coaster with a buddy who joined them for the day.

The party dined with Elmo and Friends and posed for a shot outdoors with the fuzzy red Muppet. “So ecstatic. You are my sunshine”.

Capri got Grover’s attention and grinning after the blue-costumed figure waved back, Vanessa captioned a video of Capri gaining Grover’s attention and giggling after the blue-costumed figure waved back at her.

Vanessa took a snapshot of the two girls sitting side-by-side on another family visit to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, noticing their remarkable similarity to their basketball great father.

Bianka and Capri are both wearing black shirts while seeing an exhibit at the park in the Instagram photo.

Vanessa captioned the adorable photo, “Daddy’s twins.”

Vanessa shares Bianka and Capri with her late husband Kobe Bryant, who died in a horrific helicopter crash in January 2020 with their 13-year-old daughter Gianna and seven others.

Natalia, the couple’s 18-year-old daughter, is also theirs.

On June 20th, Capri will become two years old. Five months after Kobe and Gianna’s deaths, the youngest Bryant celebrated his first birthday. Vanessa posted a lovely pic of herself and Kobe holding their newborn girl on the day.

“Capri, I’d want to wish you a very happy first birthday! Mommy, Daddy, Nani, Gigi, and BB are all smitten with you!!!” Vanessa wrote the caption for the photo.

“Capri, may God bless you dear princess. Kobe Bryant, often known as ‘Koko-Bean,’ was named after her late father, Kobe Bean Bryant.”

“Gigi and Daddy, we miss you SO badly,” Vanessa said.

Vanessa told CN News in March how she and her family are coping more than a year after their tragedy.

“This anguish is unfathomable,” she remarked at the time. “But you just have to get up and go ahead.”

“Wailing in bed won’t erase the truth that my family will never be the same,” she continued.

“But getting out of bed and moving on will make the day better for both my daughters and me. As a result, that’s what I do.”

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