January 29, 2022


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Victoria Beckham Loudly Despises Justin Bieber’s Birthday Gift To Her: ‘I Can’t Wear This I’d Rather Die’

Justin Bieber thought it would be a fantastic idea to send the fashion icon a sample of his new Crocs line.

The Spice Girls star took to Instagram Stories to show off the singer’s unique shoes.

“A lot of people have been asking me what I’m going to wear after lockdown,” she wrote to her 28.9 million followers on Instagram. “How do we feel about @justinbieber’s suggestion?”

Beckham then took a closer look at the shoes, which were embellished with charms from Justin’s Drew House collaboration.

“Wow, Justin was so kind to send me some Crocs,” Victoria said via voiceover, her disdain palpable.

“I’ve never worn Crocs. This did bring a smile to my face; after all, it is the thought that counts. Many thanks.”

She continued by thanking Justin for the gift and polling her fans on whether she would be wearing lilac crocs.

She returned to her Instagram Story a day later to share the results of her poll.

43% of voters said ‘Yes,’ while 57% said a resounding ‘No.’

“Wow, that was close!” she exclaimed as she read the results. “I believe I would prefer to die, but thank you @justinbieber.”

Justin appears to have also sent the Crocs to other Beckham family members, as David Beckham and his 16-year-old son Cruz Beckham both posted the Crocs.

In his response to the Las! Justin Bieber went for her insecurities posting that;

“Our insecurities that make us feel like we have to put others down in order for us to feel better.”

While Bieber is attempting to be remedy the image of his Crocs and be nice to his celebrity pals, many of his fans are not pleased with him right now, following his debut of dreadlocks earlier this week.

Many people argue that this is cultural appropriation and that the hairstyle is inextricably linked to black culture.

Many of his 171 million followers took to the post’s comments section to inform the singer that “this ain’t it.”

“How can you not?” As one user put it.

“PLEASE STOP JUSTIN,” another added.

“You did this for what?” another inquired.

“Justin Bieber gives white people dreadlocks and you’re only now realising he’s appropriating black culture…weird,” another added.

“Something is wrong; Justin Bieber is once again being deceptively ethnic. A third user wrote, “Ethnic as in Black…”

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