October 24, 2021


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Victoria’s Secret Reacts To Screaming ‘Karen’ Who Attacked Black Woman In Store

This week, a frightening video leaked, prompting public outcry for justice.

Police were summoned to a New Jersey mall after Abigail Elphick, a White lady, had a public meltdown and began pursuing a Black woman, Ijeoma Ukenta, around a Victoria’s Secret store before assaulting her.

According to reports, Ukenta was out shopping when Elphick walked or moved in front of her, pushing her out of the way.

As a result, Ukenta began filming their interaction, capturing what has been dubbed a “Karen” moment.

Things only got worse as Elphick discovered she was being recorded.

Ukenta posted several videos of the confrontation, the first of which showed Elphick shaking on the ground beneath the store’s counter when she realised she was being recorded.

Then she is seen yelling and crying, pleading with employees to stop photographing her by Ukenta.

It only gets worse from there, because despite the fact that the two women were separated by a significant distance, Ukenta did not approach Elphick.

Even though Ukenta is nowhere near her, the “Karen” yells for her to go.

Elphick leaps at Ukenta and chases her around the store, yelling for her to flee.

Things didn’t get any better when the cops came, with policemen reportedly siding with Elphick.

Elphick admitted to being aware of her bad behaviour, but she didn’t want to bear the consequences of being recorded, according to the police report, which Ukenta published in a later video.

When she discovered Ukenta was filming her, she reportedly had a “panic attack,” according to police. Officers allegedly refused to examine Ukenta’s recordings.

“Mind you, they took her statement first because, of course, she had phoned the cops,” says the narrator “Ukenta stated.

“She also flat-out lied. She’s attempting to claim that I began videotaping her, which caused her to have a panic attack, at which point she pursued me in an attempt to get me to stop recording.”

Ukenta said, “So I’m submitting a complaint against the two officers who responded. I didn’t feel secure. I’m also going to file a complaint with the mall security.”

The firm published a statement about the incident after the viral videos were highly examined, along with Victoria’s Secret personnel who didn’t seem to know what to do in the scenario.

“Our main priority is the safety of our associates and customers, and we are dedicated to providing a safe and inviting atmosphere for all,” says the company “they penned “The video shot in our store is disturbing, and we’ve launched an investigation into it. During the fight between our customers, our staff followed our procedures and immediately alerted our Emergency Operations Center as well as mall security for assistance.”

“Through our actions and words, we are committed to continuing this important conversation and proving our dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Ukenta set up a GoFundMe account to help with legal fees in the cases she expects to file against Elphick and the responding officers, according to reports.

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