October 24, 2021


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Watch Ciara Make It Clap For Russel Wilson Literally

Ciara ditches Soulja Boy’s famous TikTok choreographer in favour of making it literally clap.

Ciara recently released an unexpected video to her Instagram story in which she takes Soulja Boy’s latest smash tune “She Make It Clap” to a whole new level.

Ciara uploaded a video of herself attempting the “She Make It Clap” dance challenge earlier this summer, but the aforementioned Instagram story post shows the “Goodies” singer in a significantly less PG environment.

Ciara foregoes Soulja Boy’s famous TikTok dancing in favour of making her butt clap, and the outcome is actually pretty hilarious.

Ciara prepares herself for theatrics by taking a big breath in front of Russel Wilson, who is rumoured to be filming the video.

She then begins to move her body at random, sending off a loud round of claps from her backside before erupting into laughter.

Ciara restarts the camera after a brief delay, and viewers can hear Russ exclaim, “all that a**.”


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  • Russel Wilson & Ciara: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic
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