September 25, 2021


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Watch Fan Give Young MA The Big Flash While Performing At Rolling Loud

Young Ma is a force to reckon with especially when it comes to entertaining the fans with her fresh beats and rolling loud was nothing but bliss for her.

But perhaps things were too good and even a lil out of hand as fans expressed their appreciation for the rapper.

Just a few days after rumors that spread like wildfire that she was pregnant, it was good to see her and confirm that this was not the case. First time out since she reacted to the rumors noting that only her girl was getting pregnant.

But a fan can be seen during her performance flashing the rapper for a great deal of time not just seconds. The rapper did not respond to the fan at the time and kept it moving.

Check out the video below and let us know what you make of it! Is this too much or just okay! And what do you think the fan expected Young Ma to do at this point? And should she have reacted to the flash or ignored as she did?!

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