October 24, 2021


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Watch The Moment Conor McGregor Broke His Ankle Midfight

Conor McGregor’s foot was gruesomely dangling from his leg, and his career is now on a knife’s edge following a crushing defeat to Dustin Poirier.

Poirier defeated McGregor for the second time this year at UFC 264 in Las Vegas on Sunday, and the Irishman has now lost three of his last four fights — and four of his last seven.

This defeat was accompanied by a badly fractured leg, which will require surgery the next day.

The biggest name in the sport came out swinging, targeting Poirier with the same leg kicks he used to beat him in their first fight.

However, Poirier claimed he heard McGregor’s leg shatter on one of the kicks, and after knocking him out and dominating him for the majority of the round, an awful scene transpired.

With less than a minute left on the clock, the fighters were called back to their feet, and after both swinging and missing, McGregor stepped back, his leg breaking and collapsing beneath him.

He made it to the finish of the round, but his leg was badly wounded, and the fight was called off.

Despite the early injury to his legs, Poirier stated it was clear that he was in command of the fight.

He claims one of McGregor’s punches hit him in the head, but he wasn’t knocked out, and the takedown was simple.

McGregor tried to lock in a guillotine choke but never seemed to get a good grip.

Poirier said he was trying to alert referee Herb Dean to McGregor’s wrongdoing by pushing his fingers under his gloves as they were struggling.

“Man, this guy is a jerk,” Poirier remarked.

“Good always defeats evil, tweeted Khabib Nurmagomedov, a former champion who also accused McGregor of cheating during their bout. Dustin Poirier has a lot to be excited about. I’m hoping you’ll have the belt before the end of the year.”

Poirier will now fight for the title now held by Charles Oliveira, while UFC president Dana White stated that McGregor would receive a fourth chance to battle Poirier after he had recovered.

“The fight was not completed. “You can’t end a battle like that,” White remarked.

Former President Donald Trump, Addison Rae, Justin Bieber, Megan Fox, and Kourtney Kardashian were among those seen in the Las Vegas crowd.

Conor McGregor was clearly upset following his loss at UFC 264.

“I was kicking the bleedin’ leg off him and punching his skull off. S***e like usual, dive to close the gap,” He screamed.

“This is far from over. It’s time for me to take this outside with him.

“There was no check in the mail. There was not a single check among them. I’ve added your wife to my contact list.

“Hey, darling, give me a call and we’ll talk later. We’re going to the Wynn nightclub for an afterparty, darling.”,

In other news, boxing legend Floyd Mayweather placed a massive wager on Dustin Poirier to win, and congratulated Conor McGregor for ensuring his success.

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