October 16, 2021


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Wendy Williams Rebuked For Dissing Fellow Radio Queens Angela Yee & Miss Jones

Wendy Williams was chastised for ignoring two other great New York City radio personalities.

Williams, who had a long career in radio before transferring to television in 2008, was seen Thursday at Caroline’s comedy club with Miss Jones, a longtime doyenne of hip-hop radio.

Angela Yee of 105.1’s legendary morning program, “The Breakfast Club,” was also at the Times Square joke shop by chance.

According to insiders, Yee and Miss Jones wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to commemorate the fortuitous meeting of three radio queens.

Miss Jones is said to have taken out her phone and asked comic Donnell Rawling, who was performing at the time, whether they might walk onstage for a photo.

According to a little birdie, she remarked, “Come on, Donnell, I want to take a photograph with the ladies of radio.”

Onlookers were taken aback when Williams refused to get up from her seat.

“Wendy, get up and walk onstage to snap the picture,” a raucous audience member allegedly yelled. What exactly is her issue? “Why wouldn’t she get up?” they wondered aloud.

They sighed, “If petty was a person.”

However, during the shot, Yee and Jones came onstage and heartily embraced each other. Caroline was back in action for the first time since being shut down due to COVID.

Owner Caroline Hirsch told CN News, “This is the first night in 15 months that we are open. It’s been a fantastic experience… and the weekends will be even more fantastic.”

Rawlings was set to play till Sunday, while comedian Luenell was also set to perform.

Actor Sinqua Walls, who is in New York shooting an NBC pilot, “At That Age,” until the end of July, and author Kim Osorio were also in attendance.

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