December 2, 2021


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Whitney Port Explains She Is Taking Things ‘One Day At A Time’ Following The Loss Of Her Pregnancy

Whitney Port is regaining her strength, both mentally and physically, after suffering yet another miscarriage.

“One day at a time,” Port, 36, captioned a photo she posted to Instagram over the weekend, which was devoid of makeup.

“1. I went to the gym for the first time in a long time (@melissawoodhealth)” “2. I got dressed (@cozeco),” Port said in his tweeting.“ 3. Spent the day with my beloved family members (thank you all for being there for me always) 4. Completing the day with a meditation (@calm Daily Trip: How Meditation Changes you by Jeff Warren).”

Port and her husband, Tim Rosenman, communicated the tragic news of the miscarriage just four days before the update was made public by the media.

The baby was lost, Port stated in a message uploaded to her Instagram Story. “I’m so sorry to tell this, and some of you may have seen our most recent YouTube video, but we lost the baby,” Port wrote in the statement.

“We found out the hard way yesterday. “I’m not even sure what to say in this situation.”

Port, who has a history of miscarriages, revealed that she was expecting a second child with Rosenman in a YouTube video posted on Nov. 3 and shared with her followers.

At the time, the “The Hills” star was already concerned about the health of her unborn child, owing to her worrying past and her doctor’s “pessimistic” sentiments about the pregnancy.

Her blog revealed that she had been seeing the doctor and having her pregnancy monitored due to her previous history of losses.

“I’ve suffered two miscarriages and a chemical pregnancy,” says the mother of two. “And up until yesterday, everything appeared to be in order.”

“Obviously, my emotions regarding the pregnancy were extremely mixed,” Port confessed at the time, adding that she felt worried for her own self-worth and for her family’s self-worth since she wasn’t able to provide her family with what she believed “would be the best for them.”

Port and Rosenman were married in 2015 and have one kid together, Sonny, who is four years old.

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