January 29, 2022


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Woman Duct-Taped To An Airplane Seat After She Allegedly Assaulted Flight Crew & Attempted To Unlock Exit Door Mid-flight

Last week, an evidently insane woman was duct-taped to an aeroplane seat after she allegedly assaulted the flight crew and attempted to unlock the plane’s door in mid-flight.

The gray-haired woman was seen in a video posted to social media with silver duct tape over her mouth and her arms and body wrapped to the seat.

According to footage provided by TikTok user @lol.ariee, she could be heard yelling, “You! You! You!” as passengers exited American Airlines Flight 1774 past her, as flight attendants quietly nodded their goodbyes.

The two-hour flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Charlotte, North Carolina, had been delayed for at least three hours before finally departing at midnight on July 6, but turmoil broke out around an hour into the aircraft, according to @lol.ariee in subsequent videos depicting the chaotic situation.

“At roughly 1:30 a.m., the flight attendants began turning on the lights, and we see all flight attendants running up and down the aisles, frantically whispering to each other,” she claimed.

The crew of the plane began closing bathrooms and collecting baggage from overhead bins while refusing to tell what was going on, @lol.

ariee expressed her thoughts.

“It was simply chaos,” she continued, “and no one knows what’s going on.”

Finally, the pilot came over the intercom, requesting that passengers remain seated and mentioning “a severe situation on the plane right now,” according to the passenger.

“Then we started hearing more and more screaming, and we were like, ‘Wait a minute,’” she explained.

Just as the plane was ready to arrive, a flight attendant sitting next to them said that a woman with an obvious mental illness had “an outburst and the urge to get off the plane.”

‘I need to get off this plane,’ she said, and she marched up to the exits and began pounding on the doors, yelling, ‘You need to let me off this plane!’

She stated of the incident, which was first reported by TMZ, “I suppoWomanse it took all five flight attendants to control her and like physically take her down so.”

“They basically dragged her down, strapped her in the seat, and duct taped her.”

The lady assaulted and bit a flight attendant, according to American Airlines, after she “attempted to unlock the forwards boarding door” and was detained “for the protection and security of other customers and our staff.”,

The woman was taken to a local hospital by emergency services who met the flight on the ground in Charlotte, according to the airline, which placed her on its “internal” no fly list pending an enquiry.

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