October 15, 2021


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Woman Is Suing Her Fertility Doctor For Impregnating Her With His Own Sperm Without Consent

A lady in the United States has accused her fertility doctor of impregnating her without her consent using his own sperm.

According to NBC News, Bianca Voss of New Jersey claims she paid her New York doctor Martin Greenberg $100 in 1983 to obtain sperm from an unknown donor at a sperm bank.

The insemination resulted in Bianca’s daughter, Roberta, being born a year later in 1984, after a successful pregnancy.

Roberta discovered her biological father was a man called Martin Greenberg who lived in Florida after purchasing a DNA kit late last year.

Bianca, who is now 75 years old, is suing Martin for “medical rape” and misconduct, as well as financial damages “in excess of $75,000 ($100,000).”

“Dr. Martin Greenberg implanted his own sperm into Bianca Voss, a patient. He did it against her will and without her consent “Bianca’s lawyer, Jason Kane, was quoted by the news outlet.

“This heinous crime has been dubbed “medical rape” by some. Greenberg’s horrific and transnational wrongdoing is unethical, repugnant, and criminal, regardless of his name.”

Bianca informed US media that she and Martin discussed her donor needs, including the fact that she wanted someone anonymous.

He questioned if she had a problem with a Jewish donor, to which she answered, “and that was it.”

She described how Martin asked her for “the cheque for $100 to pay the donor, his inconvenience,” and she assumed the donor was a medical student from the hospital.

Bianca alleges she is suffering from “debilitating anxiety” and “emotional pain” as a result of the DNA reveal.

Roberta, her daughter, said it’s now terrifying for her to look in the mirror and “see the person who abused my mother.”

In addition to the financial losses, Martin’s mother and daughter want to learn more about his medical history.

Martin and his lawyer did not respond to CN News attempts for comment on the allegations.

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