October 16, 2021


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Woman Who Caused Tour De France Crash Has Been Arrested

The Tour de France captured the attention of the athletic world over the weekend — at least for a short while.

When a spectator with a sign chose to go onto the road during the opening stage of the Tour de France, she created a major catastrophe. Following the disaster, Tour de France deputy director Pierres-Yves Thouault issued a harsh message to the fan — and anybody else contemplating a similar endeavor.

He explained, “We’re doing this so that the small percentage of individuals who do this don’t ruin the performance for everyone.” The fan apparently went “missing” after receiving the message, prompting officials to hunt for her.

The lady has allegedly been recovered only a few days after triggering one of the worst collisions in recent Tour de France history. According to RSL, the woman was detained and taken into jail, according to Cycling News.

Tony Martin, a 36-year-old German cyclist who was struck by the sign and triggered the brawl, was understandably enraged.

According to Deutsche Welle, he stated, “I saw the lady, I saw the sign, but there was no time to respond.” “I’m still baffled as to how individuals can do such things. It’s not a spectacle; we’re here to race our bikes.”

The fan is unlikely to return to the Tour de France in the foreseeable future.


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