January 18, 2022


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YNW Melly Posted A Photo From Prison Says It’s Only A Matter Of Slime

YNW Melly is now on trial for the suspected murders of two of his pals in 2018.

This has been one of hip-most hop’s high-profile cases, and many are wondering if Melly will be able to return home.

Prior to his arrest, the musician had gained a lot of traction and it appeared as if he was on his way to becoming a huge sensation, thanks to features from Kanye West and others.

Despite the charges, Melly’s fans have remained tremendously supportive, and according to Fredo Bang, the singer is currently working on a new record.

Melly has also been having several calls with family members, and the singer recently shared a snapshot from one of these calls on Instagram.

Melly captioned the photo, “Just A Matter Of Slime.”,

Melly is on the phone with a woman in the photo, and he can be seen flashing his teeth and signing with his hands to the camera.

Melly is in excellent spirits these days, according to reports, and he still feels he may win his case and return home sooner rather than later.

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