October 15, 2021


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YouTuber Cj So Cool House And Cars Shot Up With Paintballs Says Police Have Told Him To Defend Himself

YouTuber and rapper Cj So Cool has revealed his house and cars got paintballed in a weird attack that he says left him shook and surprised he had enemies targeting him.

He says he knows what the plan is. He says his detractors are looking to silence him and get him offline because he was growing too big and becoming a threat to them.

The YouTuber did not drop names on whom he suspects may have been behind the attack however he says he was not at home during the fateful event.

He described how the police have given him a green light to defend his property warning those concerned that in a repeat he will come out shooting with real bullets.

He says his neighbourhood is expensive and one of those on the high end and does not need such events happening demanding to know what those involved would have driven all the way from their cheap neighborhoods to shoot up his property.

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  • Cj So Cool: Cj's Instagram
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